Thrill of the Build

We are so excited to have a venue for our Lego® Club, Thrill of the Build.  Since we had the idea of owning of a Toy Shop in our home town we have wanted to provide a place where toys are enjoyed.  We hope that this Lego® club will be the beginning of this dream. 

We love our toys and we love seeing the joy that they bring.  At the toy fairs we go to, we enjoy helping collectors get the toys that they have been looking for.  Lego® is no exception.  Like Haribo, kids and grown-ups love it so.  Often kids can stand for ages just taking in all the mini figures on display and parents stay with them.  I think Lego® can bring families closer as they discover, create and build together. 

Dom and I are parents too, and know there is only so much Lego® that any child needs, but there is also that feeling that we have described as the Thrill of the Build: just to have a go at building a Minecraft set, or build a part of Lego City.  We personally love the Lord of the Rings collection, but we know it will be built and then left to gather dust or, heart-break of heart-breaks, it gets muddled in with all the rest of the Lego®. 

Our hope is that Thrill of the Build will bring together Lego® fans young and old who will build and create together.

Thrill of the Build will be the first Saturday of the month, see our events page for more details - Thank you