17 March, 2016

Thrill of the Build for grown ups

We have been running 'Thrill of the Build' events in York for almost 5 months now, and they've been immense fun! It’s been great to see families and friends come together and play together on a Saturday morning.  

However, we've heard that the grown up builders would like to have some of the fun for themselves - a chance to create without "help" or "little hands"! 

So we thought we'd give you the opportunity to get stuck in. Costa have kindly agreed to open up from 6.30pm - 9.00pm on Thursday 7th April 2016.  For £5.00 per adult you will be able to let your imagination loose, and show off your Lego® skills with our "free build" Lego®. You can sit peacefully and build one of a number of sets, ranging from Indiana Jones to Lord of the Rings, Lego City and Starwars.  We will also be bringing our more challenging builds, work together to build London Bridge or the Batmobile.

See our blog below for more information about what we mean by 'Thrill of the Build'!